Le San Michele Wildflower Mini-Session

I am so excited about the upcoming Le San Michele Wildflower Mini-Session. I have three spots left for this mini-session coming up on March 25th at the beautiful Le San Michele. It is a totally customizable mini-session with lots of options for time. If you are looking for something super short, you can do a 10 minute mini, or if you want a little more time you can do a 30 minute mini. There are a lot of options.

Come make the drive out to beautiful Le San Michele to get the good wildflowers. It’ll be amazing.

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10 Minute Session $125, 20 Minute Session $200, 30 minutes for $300

Join the cuteness and fun! I have available, 1 longer session and two shorter sessions.

Is a Mini-Session Enough Time?

Yes. Mini-sessions are great ways to update your photograph and grab some awesome photos of your little ones as they grow and change. Mini-sessions, however, are not a substitute for a full family session. If you are looking for something more lifestyle or at a specific location, let’s discuss a full family session.

I will be offering another round of minis on April 7th, stay tuned for more details.

I look forward to hearing from you and as always I appreciate you stopping by and checking out the blog.