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The Snowball Fight

Last winter we went to Colorado in the middle of the winter to experience snow. Well, the kids loved it. They didn't mind one bit that it was 4 degrees outside. They were ready at anytime to get out and about in the wild weather and enjoy the beauty and fun that comes...

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Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love I love photographing these two boys, I have been photographing them for the last several years and it is always so fun. One of my favorite things is that they are the same age as my boys, and they act just the same. So much silliness and wrestling, it...

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Fall Family Mini-Session Photography

Fall Family Mini-Session Photography This fall family mini-session photography session will just make you smile. There is so much love, laughter, and sweet moments from this session. This little man started off being a little shy, but by the end of the session he was...

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Walnut Creek Family Photography

Walnut Creek Family Photography I had the opportunity to photograph this sweet friend of mine, and her beautiful family last November. I love this session, because I think we often forget to photograph our older children. I know I pick up my camera a lot less now that...

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Botanical Gardens Mini-Sessions

Botanical Gardens Mini-Sessions I forgot how much I LOVED this session from last fall at Zilker Botanical Gardens in Austin, TX. The Botanical Gardens are always a great place to have photos, and if we have your session in the evening we will catch great light. I have...

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Zilker Botanical Gardens Family Photography

Zilker Botanical Gardens Family Photography This cuteness comes from a fall mini-session at the Zilker Botanical Gardens. The sun was shining just perfectly and this little baby just couldn't be any cuter. I love all the laughs, snuggles, and all around adorableness....

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