Hey There!

Hi Y’all, thanks for stopping by. Here is a little info about me and my journey into photography.

I have long been a lover of all things art and art related. So, when I went to The George Washington University in Washington DC, I knew what my focus would be. I immediately began my art classes, but I soon found out I LOVED Art History. I decided to do a split Fine Arts and Art History major. During this time I took photography courses, but I was more focused on woodworking and sculpture. When I returned home to Austin, TX (my favorite place in the WORLD). I started working doing after school art enrichment, and then eventually went and got a masters in education so I could teach. I taught in Round Rock ISD for 6 years until 2012 when I left to do photography full time. It was the best decision I ever made. Doing what you love is the greatest thing.

It all started with a game of BINGO in Austin. My friends wanted me to come to the bingo hall for a night of fun. I was hesitant, but alas I went. THANK GOODNESS I went because I won, I won $700. I went out the next day with my bingo winnings and splurged. I bought my first DSLR. Anyway, from that moment on I was HOOKED. I started learning everything I could learn. When my first baby was born I upgraded to a nicer body and some better lenses, I slowly started building my business on the side as I taught. When my second child was born I knew it was time to upgrade once again and pursue my passion.  I officially left my teaching job behind and am now focusing on my loves. My husband, my children, and my photography.

You might notice I often blog about my kids. I do have a separate family blog, but as my life gets busier and busier I find that combining the two has become a little easier. So from time to time I publish pics of my favorite little guys.

I am so happy to be where I am today. I love photographing the smallest of moments to the grandest occasions. I love, love it.

There is so much more I could say, but I think that is enough. Enjoy.