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What will your session be like?

Senior photography should be fun and fresh. Your kid is still a big kid after all, and the photos should reflect this transitional time in their life. Whether they are off for college, a gap year, or a great job they have a whole lot to celebrate and a whole lot of fresh beginnings ahead of them. Senior portraits are a great way to celebrate this very special time. I love being an Austin senior photographer.

You will be surprised how much your teen will have being in front of the camera. These sessions can be creative, interesting, and dynamic. We can do a senior session anywhere. Downtown is a lot of fun, as is more natural places. Usually during a senior session, we just explore and find great spots along the way. Ask your senior what they envision for their portrait session and I can help find the perfect place. Sessions are low stress and always a blast.

What to wear

Let your senior be THEM (but maybe with an ironed shirt)! If your kid is happy about what they are wearing it will show in photos. Of course, you can pick out a new dress or a nicer shirt but let your kid help with picking out what works for them.


How long does it take?

I usually like to give senior sessions about 2 hours. They don’t have to take this long, but often senior sessions involve wardrobe change and location changes. It all depends on your session.