Those Precious Early Moments
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What will your session be like?

Newborn sessions with me are very calm and quiet. Newborn sessions typically last about 1-2 hours. During this time I will photograph you as a family, as well as portraits of your newest addition (and siblings). This is a time to let me have a peek inside your world and photograph life as it unfolds. I will help you find the nice light and places that will work well for photographs.

I do not do newborn posing, we can help your baby into a safe natural pose, but I do not do any other posing.

Newborn photography is one of my favorite genres. I don’t do a lot of posed portraits, what I do photograph is your family in your natural environment with your newest addition. I photograph the hands, feet, and all those moments in between.  Newborn sessions typically last about two hours and are just quiet mornings together. They are incredibly sweet sessions with lots of time built in to feed or change baby. No stress. There is really nothing greater. Contact me to set up your newborn session!

What to wear

Newborn sessions are unique as far as figuring out what to wear. Often times, moms are still recovering from childbirth at the time of the session, and may even be experiencing limited movement. What does this mean? Dress comfortable! Put on a favorite pair of jeans/pants and a comfortable top. Although you will be in a lot of the photographs during a newborn session, you will be more integrated into the scene. You might only see your arms or you might be lying down. I usually don’t take the more traditional portraits during newborn, as the focus is usually on the new addition.

How to dress baby

Dressing your newest addition can be hard. Clients often tend to want their baby photographed in as many different outfits as possible. And while variety is good, there are some pitfalls to that. The more you change your baby, the more likely it is that baby will become upset. I suggest a swaddle. Super simple, super clean, and super cute. Swaddling your baby is one great way to calm them down and is very unique to newborns. Newborn babies look adorable swaddled. It is also versatile. If baby is happily asleep, you can change the swaddle around to get different looks.

How long does it take?

Newborn sessions often take about an hour and a half or even two hours. YES, they are time consuming. I am there to photograph your baby and patience is the best way to get good photographs. My advice: don’t get flustered and cut the session short, feed baby as often as needed (even if it is a little off schedule), and make sure baby is good and asleep before putting them down.


Lastly, please make sure to give me time to setup and get the lighting right. During newborn sessions, I am entering your home and working with lighting that I have most likely never used before. Lighting can be tricky and sometimes it takes a moment or two to set up. If you let me get set up properly, your shoot will have beautiful lighting. It is worth the wait.