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These are my people, these are my lovebugs. I share with you these photos because I love them, but also because they give a glimpse into what could be a lifestyle session. I think lifestyle sessions are the most underrated sessions I have, but maybe the best kind. Lifestyle sessions are when I come to your home, or wherever, and just document you and your family being your wonderful selves. That is all. No posed portraits, just you being you. Consider a lifestyle session if you are looking for something a little different.


Even though they often resist it, photographing my kids is one of my greatest joys. I could stare at them behind the lens all day. They are beautiful to me and I love capturing all the moments as they grow and change. I know that it is hard having a mom that take SO MANY photographs, but I hope one day they’ll appreciate it. Here are some of my recent favorites, I really need to dig deep to find even older photo favorites. Love them, so so so much.


Lifestyle Photography

Photographing my kids is one of the greatest joys in my life. I love their little adorable faces and watching them grow and change.

If you are interested in photography that is more natural and candid ASK ME. I would love to schedule a lifestyle session with you. I would love to hangout with your family and photograph you being YOU and doing all those things that are unique to your family.

Lifestyle sessions are longer sessions without much direction. You might invite me to your home to hangout for a couple hours and photograph your kids being kids. Or maybe we could go to the park, or someplace fun. The world is your oyster with lifestyle sessions. Although you might not capture the perfect portrait during our time together, you will capture the memories. My oldest son is almost 10 years old now. It is so hard to believe and the saying is so true “the days are long but the years are short.” I cannot believe he has been with us a decade, and I cannot believe that he is a fully capable kid now. I guess what I am saying is, they grow fast and those memories of them little are precious. Let’s preserve the memories. Let me be a part of helping you remember all those little things.