Gorgeous 10 Minute Sessions

Micro-Mini Sessions

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These beautiful images come from a 10-minute micro mini-session that I hosted last spring. It is a combination of an adorable little guy, the perfect lighting, and a great location for sunset. The combination of these things can really help your photo session out.

These photos were taken during the beautiful central Texas wildflower season. Bluebonnet photos can be tricky, as often the fields aren’t in good light, are far out of the city, or just feel unsafe. As always, you have to watch out for snakes in the bluebonnets. But, that is one reason I really love this location. It is small, tucked away, and you have easy access to the bluebonnets and can see the ground. Also, the lighting is gorgeous, it is a win-win.

So, what is a micro-mini session? Micro mini-sessions are 10 minute sessions. I don’t offer as many in the fall, because my schedule it so full. But, in the spring I offer several options. I think a lot of people are a little weary of the short amount of time, but believe me, you can get a lot done in 10 minutes. The sessions are quick, easy, and painless. It’s basically just go, go, go from the minute your session starts. People don’t often do just 10 minute sessions, but book them as kind of a mid-year add-on. The are great ways to quickly update your family photos, or maybe catch a quick milestone.

Anyway, I absolutely love working with this sweet family and I am super excited to be working with them again shortly. Enjoy the smiles. Remember to click on the images to view the full gallery.