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This weekend was so special because my sessions were all people that are near and dear to me. In this photograph below is a friend that I’ve had since we were still in our mom’s bellies. Is that possible? Hah. Sure, why not? Anyway, fast forward a few decades and here we are with little ones. I am so proud of this special friend and her three absolutely adorable, gorgeous, and hilarious children. The littlest was the photo bomber today. She was not really interested in having her photo taken, but if someone else was having their photo taken then she would wonder into the frame and plant herself right in the middle. It was hilarious. But, for a family of three with two little ones they did AMAZING! I never mind an active session with, it is fun and I love the energy.
Anyway, this is one photo from a very large generational family session.

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Thinking of  getting some photos this fall? My schedule is JUST about full. I don’t like to turn people away, so let me know ASAP and I can see what I can find. I am also pre-booking the SPRING :)


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