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So I keep a personal blog that is ALL about my kids. And then something happened. I ran out of photo memory in that photo blog. WHAT?!?! This is terrible news. As I decide how to handle this conundrum I might post a photo of my kids here and there. This one is my oldest. My oldest has had a big month. He started KINDERGARTEN! Yes, yes moms it does happen. they DO start kindergarten. I remember looking at kindergarteners when mine was a newborn and thinking, that is SO far away I don’t have to worry about it. But, yes, ye sit will happen. Sniff. Sniff.. Then he went on his first boat ride, caught his first fish, and started on a new T-Ball team. My head is SPINNING. I cna only imagine when they are teenagers and have multiple extra-curricular activities + homework. How does one even function. Yikes.
Anywho, here is my little love right after his first T-Ball game. He melted my heart the moment I met him and continues to melt my heart daily.

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