Hey There Cutie | Austin Newborn Family Photography

Hey There Cutie I love this session so much! I love working with such a wonderful, sweet family and I have enjoyed seeing this guy grow. Little man was awake for most of his session, but that's ok by me. What is best is a happy baby. If we keep baby warm and fed then the chances for great photos are best. Austin Newborn Family Photographer I really like newborn sessions that are laid back and go with the flow. I love to step outside and explore some settings out there. Sometimes the warm Texas air is just the thing to calm a fussy baby, or maybe a good swaddle.…
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Austin Newborn Baby Photography | Natural Newborn Session

Austin Newborn Baby Photography | Shauna Autry Photography This darling little newborn session happened a couple months ago and has been sitting on my desktop beckoning for me to blog it. So, I shall. What can I say about this little guy other than he is perfection. He LOVED being outside and just snoozed away while me and his sweet momma were fending off giant mosquitoes that love the Texas summers. They are alone in that boat. But they didn't bother Mr. Miko, not one bit. He just slept away cooing so softly. Love him. Enjoy the photographs and welcome to the world Mr. Miko! I know you are loved…
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Austin Newborn Photography: Quiet, Quiet. ~ Austin, TX

Austin Newborn Photography Sometimes simplicity is key. Just the little one, on the bed, with the simplest little pink headband, in her diaper. It shouts sweetness to me and I love it. She is so peaceful. I bet she has already grown past the sleepy stage. it's funny. It seems like with baby #1 you ant them to be awake and engaged. Then comes along baby #2 and suddenly you can really appreciate the quiet sleepy time at the beginning of it all. Because, it doesn't last for long. Congrats on the newest addition to the family. She is nothing short of perfection an just about as sweet as can…
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