For the Love of Photography

For the Love of Photography

For the Love of Photography is the place where my fun and passion oriented project are. My business if family and wedding photography, but I love to photograph other things. I absolutely LOVE photographing nature, weather, landscapes, and even better I love having my macro lens on in nature. It is so meditative and quite.

Most of these photographs are from my travels around Texas, and some may just be from a local park. Some are landscapes from my trip to Sedona, Destin, Colorado, and West Texas.

Please feel free to peruse my personal gallery. If you are interested in a print, feel free to contact me for more information.

for the love of photography

Looking to Commission a Photograph?

Let’s talk, I am happy to work with you for creating the perfect image for your home. Maybe you are looking for something specific or just something pretty. Maybe you want photographs of puppies for your babies’ nursery, or photographs of fruit for your kitchen. I can do it. I’d love to help you photograph your vision and find the perfect piece of artwork for your home or office. Please note that commissioned work can take some time, especially with nature. Call or email me for a quote today! I’d love to help.

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Thank you for visiting my “for the love of photography” gallery. This is really my passion projects and work that I used to keep more private. It will be updated with special photographs taken from around the beautiful state of Texas and beyond. I find a lot of joy in photographing the small, remote, or unnoticeable details. I love the way a cobweb hangs off a flower, or how you find a tiny little bug on a plant while using your macro. These are the things that bring me joy. I also love landscapes and vastness, seeing the beauty in this world we live in, even in a place that doesn’t appear remotely beautiful. I also love lighting and storms. This is something new I have been working on. There is something so magical about watching a storm toll in. What a treasure.  Stay tuned for new and exciting adventures.

I hope you found something you were looking for. I can’t wait to see what beauty the world presents to me next. Contact me through the contacts page of my website if you are interested in a print or commissioned work.