Austin Newborn Twin Photographer. Newborn Baby Twins!- Texas Hill Country


Austin Newborn Twin Photographer | Shauna Autry Photography


This lucky momma is blessed x2. I have had the opportunity to photograph twins before, but never at their tiniest. The “H” brothers were only 9 days old for this session (and just confirmed as identical WOW!). They were absolutely perfect, adorable, and just the sweetest little guys. Mom is obviously smitten for her new additions, who wouldn’t be?

This session was shot a little different than my normal sessions. Generally I approach newborns with a more lifestyle approach. But these little guys were still so tiny and fragile, we stayed in a small, well heated room to keep them safe and healthy. I’m always up for trying new things, and I really enjoyed working on our in-home set.

Love this crew, and am SO jealous of their beautiful Hill Country land. Congrats on the new additions, they are truly special!

Their solos….


Congrats! Although I’m sure your hands are MORE than full, they are absolutely gorgeous and incredible!

Love, love, LOVE!

Shauna Autry Photography is an Austin based photographer that specializes in newborn, baby, family, and wedding photography. I love to photograph your life as it unfolds in a natural, organic, and loving manner. If you enjoyed this Austin Baby Photography session let me know. Please contact me at, on my contacts page (preferred) or by phone at 512-762-7283. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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