Austin Family Photographer: Rattan Creek Park- Austin, TX

I am so excited to finally have a moment to sit down and blog about this family session. It was a really fun one. I loved it for many reasons. For starters, what a great family. The kids were amazingly kind and caring. Mom and dad seemed to really enjoy stepping back and watching their kids be, well kids. I loved it. On top of that, the weather was working in our favor. We almost called the session off because a storm was supposedly rolling our way. Instead we had these dark stormy clouds on one side of us, and the beautiful setting sun on the other. It was perfect. Anyway, I’ll stop jabbering on endlessly about my adoration of this crew and let the photos tell the story. Enjoy!

It was littlest E’s 2nd birthday, so we had a special little scarves session at the end to celebrate!

My little escape into black & white…

Thanks for a wonderful session.

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