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Family Photography encompasses a wide range family genres. It includes: maternity, newborn, baby, kids, and grown-up families too. I love working with families as they grow and change. I love that I often get to meet a newborn in it’s first two weeks of life. I love that I have the opportunity to see that newborn grow into a baby that laughs, giggles, and interacts. And I especially LOVE when I photograph them on their first birthdays. I also love working with older children, toddlers, and teens. They all have such a fun story to tell and can sometimes really get into to their photo sessions. All families are unique, special, and full of fun. I feel so very honored to work with each family and momentarily get to be part of their lives. I absolutely LOVE my clients. And, I guess it goes without saying, I LOVE my job. Haha. Was that enough love? If you are interested in having me photograph your super special and amazing family send me a message through my contact form. I am up for all things. I love trying new ideas and finding great spots!

I photographing and witnessing beautiful connections between people. Photographing people is much more than the pose, it is the glances between, the laughs, the smiles, the silly moments, it is the family interacting with one another that makes a photo so special. Shauna Autry loves to capture your life as it unfolds. In your session you will run, play, swing, joke, and maybe even dance (usually behind my back to get your kiddo to smile). These connections are so fun and they make the photos that last a lifetime.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to witness and photograph your beautiful family. I always feel so honored to be a part of your day.

Fall Family sessions are booking up FAST. I have a limited number of availabilities so please contact me through the contacts section of this website, or shoot me an email at Please email first if possible. I would absolutely love to work with you and your family. Come have some fun and make some memories!

Shauna Autry Photography is an Austin based photographer that specializes in newborn, baby, family, and wedding photography. I love to photograph your life as it unfolds in a natural, organic, and loving manner. If you enjoyed this Austin Baby Photography session let me know. Please contact me at, on my contacts page (preferred) or by phone at 512-762-7283. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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