Austin Baby Photographer: Sailor Suit Perfection- Austin, TX

I was so blessed over the holidays to have the opportunity to get to photograph some of my best friends’ babies. I really look forward to these sessions as it is so important to be part of their little lives. Mom and I have been best friends for almost 20 years (did I really just say that, yikes I feel old suddenly)! She is an amazing person, as is her husband, and undoubtedly her son will be too. I love watching him grow and change, such a cutie pie.

You have probably seen this little guy before. I did his newborn session almost a year ago. Here is how he looked then.

He was teeny tiny. NOW, he is a big boy crawling around and having a lovely time. I love babies at this age. They are SO fun to be around, but still babies. Anyway, enjoy the photographs and check out all of little H’s expressions! He is SUCH a character!

Thanks for sharing your time with me, your family is absolutely gorgeous!

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