Austin Children’s & Family Photographer: Georgetown & San Gabriel Park

I had a tough time titling this blog because this photo session had two things happening. The primary focus of this photo shoot was little Miss A. She wanted some professional photos for a talent scout. Then, we also did some family work while we were out and about. So, as you’ll see we have A LOT more photos of Miss A! Maybe I should of called it Austin Tween Photography. Well, I am just as honored as can be to have had the opportunity to work with the Gray Family. Mom and I taught together last year and she contacted me about this session. I LOVE working with people I know, I just feel so special getting a little insight into their family.

Anyway, this sessions was awesome. First off, you could really feel the love between these three. I could tell they were a tight knit group. Secondly, it is SUCH A DELIGHT to work with older children. Miss A was enthusiastic, ready for anything, and could have posed all day. She was mature, but also still a kid all at the same time. I could go on, and on, and on, but alas you are probably here for the photos.

Oh, and one more thing…

Let me say I rarely get the opportunity to work with older children. That is, until this weekend. I had four sessions in a row with middle/high school aged children and they were ALL a delight! It eases my fears about my children getting older!

Without much further ado, I present the Gray Family!

I’m going to be watching out for this one on my tv. She is beautiful, outgoing, and has an awesome personality. Watch out Hollywood! Thanks Gray family for an amazing time!!

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Austin Children & Family Photographer: The Family that Paints Together: Leander, TX

Ah, I absolutely LOVE THESE photos, and this entire family actually. They are family, and it is such a wonderful thing to work with family. My sister-in-law is a creative momma, who stays home with her beautiful children, and strives to create a world full of exploration, fun, and learning for her children (you can check out her blog Sense of Wonder, to get some great ideas for family time). But, she wanted to do a creative family portrait session, something that she felt captured the essence of her little clan. She decided she wanted to do a painting themed family portrait. It was awesome! I loved this session, it was quick, powerful, and FUN! The poses came naturally, the family was all smiles, and it just worked. This session makes my soul clap. Enjoy.

Austin Children Photographer: Downtown Georgetown

This was my first photo session working in Georgetown, TX and I loved it. So many interesting places to work with. The best part was, we could really romp around the town, go into the street, and casually stroll about. The downtown was empty! We found this adorable little toy shop, All Things Kids, and they kindly let us photograph inside. I am definitely headed back, if for no other reason to buy some wooden toys for my little guys.

Anyway, the shoot was great. I got to work with the adorable King family once again. We did a session together about 6 months ago. What a difference 6 months make, little M had changed so much since the last time I had seen her. She is beautiful, sweet, and hilarious. She was a blast to work with, as were mom and dad. I can’t wait until next time to document the next stage of her little life. Enjoy the photographs!

Austin Children & Family Photographer: Tarrytown & Reed Park

This weekend I had the honor of working with the Dial Family. We go way back, and it is so wonderful to watch this family grow and change. I love having the opportunity to document special times in their lives’. Right now, the family is anxiously awaiting their new home. This is their forever home, and you can feel the excitement building as they house makes its way from the ground up. It is because of this that we started their session at the building site. From there, we headed over to Reed Park for some green grass (thankfully!) and playground fun. As always it was a fun and amazing shoot. I just love this bunch!

It is not every photo shoot that I get to witness first steps.

She was fearless on the slide!