A Work of Art: Chateau Bellevue, Austin Woman’s Club

This is so random I cannot believe I am posting it. But, when I was shooting a wedding this weekend I stumbled upon this restroom. I fell in love. I love the oldness, the charm, the cracked walls, stained glass, oh I love everything about it. I want this in my home. Thought I would share, this venue is gorgeous. Imagine the rest of the place if the restroom is this cool. Stay tuned for some non-bathroom Chateau Bellevue wedding photos!

Time is Flying: Austin Newborn Baby Photographer

Time is really flying. I feel like I was just in the hospital yesterday.

Now my newest addition is nearly a month old and I cannot fathom how that happened.

Well, I was over at my mother’s house the other day and I had this photo vision. She is an acupuncturist and therefore has a lot of Asian-inspired furniture. For some reason this called to me.

I must say, the session was comical. I think I ended up with about a two-minute window of shooting opportunity. But that’s all we really needed.

Austin Newborn Baby Photographer: Welcome Sweet Baby Boy

I have the honor of getting to photograph a lot of close friends and family, and of course their beautiful children. But, this photo shoot is close to my heart.

Baby Jake is one of my dearest friends babies. He was born only four days after my son. I can only imagine the fun times to be had.

I must say, Baby Jake was an easy subject. He is sleepy, calm, and just about the sweetest little guy. He didn’t make a fuss at all.

This photo session was done completely in-home. We set up a little studio area, and then shot the nursery. I am jealous of how nice Jake’s nursery looks. It is so clean and organized and well designed. Love it.

I can’t wait to watch these little boys grow up together.

Congrats Emily & Jon on the beautiful little boy. He is truly a treasure!