Austin Baby Photographer: Happy First Birthday Bug!

My little nephew turned 1 this month! I have to say, I like this little guy.

He is happy, easy going, and just a fun loving guy.

This was a very abbreviated photo session. I am 9 months pregnant and about to bust. SO my ability to move around and be where I need to be is limited. I think I was out of breath for 90% of this shoot. However, we wanted to get this in right around his first birthday to capture the moment. These little guys just change so much from day to day. So, we headed to Rattan Creek Park for a quick little photo outing.

Even though it was only about a 1/4 of my normal time, we still got some great shots. It’s hard not to when your kids are this darn cute. Big sister also joined us for the photos shoot! Love her too.

Anyway, it was a great morning in the park. I can’t wait to get back to shooting full sessions in late August!

Happy First Birthday Bug, can’t wait to watch you grow up!

Austin Anniversary Photography: South Congress & Long Center

This photo shoot was SO MUCH fun! The lovely couple was excited and willing to have fun and take some fun photos.

Emily and Jason were married 5 years ago and looking to get some fresh new photos. I think that is awesome, so here we have some 5 year anniversary photos! What a great idea you two.

We started out on South Congress and just made our way up and down the street looking for interesting buildings and cool textures. There are SO MANY great places to take photos on South Congress. I think we could have probably stayed there a lot longer, but alas we were battling daylight and wanted to get some skyline photos.

Next, we headed to Emma Long Center Park, where there is the most picture-esque skyline settings. We got some great shots with downtown behind us, and snuck in some nature photos too. I absolutely love this park, so many fun places to go.

It was a great evening of photography. I LOVED working with Emily and Jason, what a great couple! They really knew how to have fun and seemed to enjoy the entire process of portraits. It was great working with them.

Congrats you two on 5 years of marriage!

We started by Hotel San Jose. Awesome place to go for a drink and they have a great wall too!

I just love all these different textures and colors you can find in and around South Congress. 

Rot Rally weekend was in full swing, but SOCO wasn’t too crowded.

Dancing in the streets…

and then down the Long Center

Can’t beat this city. 

we were loosing sun, but still had some time for a piggy back ride
love it.

What a fantastic session. Thank you to Emily & Jason for being so amazing!