Austin Family Photographer: Memorial Day Weekend

Okay, so I accidently posted a blog from my personal family blog onto my photo blog.

I have never done this before and apologize to all those who actually read through it!

I’ll go ahead and keep some of the photos up.

These pictures are from our at home Memorial Day cook out. My son was a little under the weather (not that it looks like it), so we kept ourselves contained to the house and had a blast. We played slip n’ slide for what seemed like hours, ate watermelon, made mojitos (or minty limeades), and my husband grilled out. It actually turned out to be one of the better Memorial Days that I can remember. Maybe we’ll do it again next year!

It was a great day for family fun, in the hot hot Texas sun!

Anyway, enjoy the photos!


Sorry for all those who read the original post! Thanks for checking :)

We were all exhausted, but what fun. We should do this every weekend.

Austin Maternity Photographer: Rattan Creek Park

I am very blessed this year. Blessed with many wonderful friends having babies. The parents of this little one are keeping the sex a surprise, so I can hardly stand the anticipation. Come on July!

We did this shoot at Rattan Creek Park off of Parmer Lane (north Austin). I love this place for its simplicity. It has nice tall trees, well maintained green grass, and a lovely sunset if you go at the right time. We also did some inside shots at mom and dad’s house.

I had so much fun working with this couple, and hey why wouldn’t I they are some of my best friends. They are caring, kind, fun, and giving my baby a best friend for life (we are due a couple weeks apart- YAY)! I could go on, and on.

Anyway, congrats you two! I am over the moon excited for you and can’t wait to meet the bundle.

I cannot wait to photograph the little one…

stay tuned!

Congrats a million times over, you look beautiful!

Austin Newborn Baby Photographer: In Grandma’s Backyard

Little babies are the greatest. Mr. Henry is now 7 weeks and we finally had the opportunity to do a longer photo shoot. What a sweet guy. Mom informed me before the session that Henry was in a stage that involved lots of crying and fussing. Well, he was a perfect little angel for me. He was calm, relaxed, and easy to work with.

Absolutely perfect.

We did this shoot on location at Henry’s Grandma’s house. I love this house. I love the red bricks, the vintage feel, and the urban location. What more could one ask for?

Mr. Henry continues to amaze me with his adorableness. He is too cute for words and such a joy. I can’t wait for future photo sessions and all the opportunities to watch him grow and change.

Congrats on the beautiful bundle of joy!

Sweet moments!

Tummy time is SO much work.

Tender moments.

Buddy took a little nap so we got some inside shots before he woke up. He was not happy when he woke up to all this!

Sweet, sweet boy. Such a honor to take your photos!