Austin Children’s Photographer: Rattan Creek Park with My Little Love Bug

Okay, so I hardly ever (or never actually) post about my little guy. But I decided to start. While he may not be the MOST cooperative little model in the world, he is pretty darn cute. He also likes to go play in the park. So, I thought I might start blogging about our adventures in and around town.

I am hoping it will help give clients good ideas for places to go, and also help me explore a little bit.

Last weekend we went to Rattan Creek Park off of Parmer Lane. I pass by it nearly everyday picking up my son from his morning daycare. It is not a huge park by any means but it has the loveliest trees, lush grass, and a little privacy.

Last weekend I finally bit the bullet and headed out to give it a go. I couldn’t keep my two year old still for long, or at all, but I managed to get it in a quick photo shoot.

I am in love! The colors are so rich, the shade is plentiful, and there is lots of room to run around and have fun.

Here are some of my favorite images from the morning!

My little buddy loves to run, he has a very distinct style.

I just LOVE him :)

Austin Children’s Photographer: Long Center Park & Town Lake

Some things make your heart sing.

This photo shoot has done this to me. I love this family!

We had a great shoot at the Long Center Park. It was a good mix of urban and nature. Some of the park was under construction (unfortunately cutting us off from the actual Long Center), but we had plenty to do.

The girls had a blast running around the grassy hills, collecting lady bugs, finding big sticks (for fishing in the weeping willow obviously), and dancing. Sometimes you just have to twirl around! We also got our urban fix by crossing the street and walking around the pedestrian bridge that crosses Town Lake (or Lady Bird Lake).

All and all a fantastic morning! I just LOVE these little girls (oh and their entire family)!!!

Um, does it get any sweeter than this.
These two are definitely nature lovers. They could have played for hours on “lady bug hill” and in the weeping willow. Lucky for me, it was picturesque.
It was so funny watching this unfold. I actually went home and tested my two year olds ability to blow the seeds off a dandelion. He was covered it spit and the seeds were still there. Turns out if is universally hard for the two- somethings.
After finishing up in the park we headed down to the pedestrian bridge over Town Lake, or as it is now referred to Lady Bird Lake. Although I was almost taken out by a couple bike riders, the girls had a blast goofing off and dancing around.
Oh, and there were just too many images to choose from so I had to add a couple more. It was an amazing morning!
Thanks for an amazing shoot!!